Technical Specifications

Magnification: 4x
Numerical aperture: 0.47
Working distance: 3 mm
Lateral field of view: 6mm
Lateral resolution at 500nm: 640 nm
Axial resolution at 500nm: 2.9 μm

Comparison of the Mesolens to commercially available objective lenses:

Lens Type Maginification Numerical Aperture Working Distance /mm Capture volume /mm3 Informative Voxels /%
Mesolens 4x 0.47 3 59  100
Pan Fluor 4x 0.13 17.2 325  5
CFI S Fluor 10x 0.5 1.2 5.9  13
Planapo Oil 60x 1.4 0.13 0.018  1
Planapo Oil 100x 1.4 0.13 0.006  0.35


The Mesolens can currently be used in two modes:

  • as a camera lens
    - for widefield epi-fluorescence and brightfield imaging. Short exposure times (<s) are typically used (even for very weakly emitting specimens) due to the high efficiency light pick-up.
  • in confocal mode
    - in this mode the large scanning galvo mirrors are operated with a maximum frequency of 100Hz (120 seconds per Nyquist sampled image consisting of 20,000 x 20,000 pixels). Both modes provide data-rich images: up to 500 Mbytes per detection channel.

Scale of standard microscope & Mesolens: