Mesolens Ltd is unique in having a Mesolens microscope that permits faster, deeper, wider and more sensitive imaging than current methods.

It is our aim to use this technology to transform biomedicine, and expand into other areas of science having first proven the concept within the sphere of biomedicine.  A single prototype Mesolens is already available and working as a laser scanning confocal system at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  Mesolens Ltd is currently in collaboration with Professor Gail McConnell and her team at Strathclyde, working on a project entitled 'Mesolab:  An Evaluation Centre for Optical Mesoscopy for Biomedical Research'.  The aim to create a ‘Mesolab’ facility to house and test Mesolens Microscope systems and provide biomedical researcher partners with access to this new technology ( Prof Gail McConnell (Chair of Biophotonics, SIPBS) and Dr Brad Amos (Mesolens Ltd and Visiting Professor at University of Strathclyde) are collaborating on this project to develop and market this novel form of microscope lens known as the Mesolens. This makes possible, for the first time, the imaging of relatively large biomedically important specimens such as embryos, brain areas or tumours with full 3D recording of many thousands of cells. The lens has applications in mineralogy, materials, food and forensic science.

A number of leading scientists have expressed a wish "to be the first" to acquire a Mesolens system.